Welcome to CJP Web Solutions, where affordable websites are offered to give your business good results! 

CJP Web Solutions is a web design company that offers an outstanding affordable website design and maintenance service. With a lot of  web design companies out there to choose from, it can be very hard  to decide which web design company will tick all the boxes for your requirements.

Here is where we can help you, because not only do we offer affordable web design, but we also offer graphic design, hosting, printing, SEO services, online marketing, domain name registration, mobile websites and a lot more.


We focus on the importance of a well structured, responsive web design, by incorporating principles that concentrate on ease of navigation for the end user, with a smart and professional look.


At CJP Web Solutions we take the time to listen to your requirements and create a website design package that is required for your business.


Our aim is simple, we want to exceed your expectations and make sure that your website is in-line with the brand image and corporate identity you are trying to portray for your business.


Please browse through our web design services and if you have any questions you can call or email us at any stage for more assistance.




Our services


I have the skills to turn your ideas into reality. I create modern, exciting and highly usable websites using WordPress as CMS. I enjoy creating responsive design, mobile-friendly websites using Javascript, CSS3 and HTML5. My familiarity with different solutions lets me implement the one that’s right for you.


Whether you need to raise more money, increase sales, or collect more signatures for a key campaign, CJP Web Solutions can help you out.

We’re fluent in the tools and strategies that’ll help you get more out of your investment in the online world. Creating beautiful, contemporary websites that are Google friendly, mobile responsive and easy to use.


I believe in empowering my clients and providing great training, but I’m also happy to help with maintenance. As a freelance developer I know websites need to be kept up to date and too often clients either don’t want to or are just way too busy to do so. CJP Web Solutions offers a Maintenance Service to carry any tedious or technical requirements.

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